Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why start a blog?

Should I start a blog? Blogs are the ‘in’ thing and if you don’t have a blog ,you are not cool! Blogs are about the idiom “A penny for your thoughts”. Your thoughts can bring in the money for you. That should be a good incentive, apart from the satisfaction it brings you!
What’s a blog? It means a “web log” and it is more like writing a personal diary which gets published on the Internet for the whole world to see. Alas! So there is nothing personal about it after all! In other words, you are publishing your thoughts. Furthermore, it is not just putting your thoughts on the web but it's also about connecting with anybody who reads your work and responds
Can anyone start a blog? Most certainly YES! As long as you have something interesting to say, there will be a large number of people on the Internet who will not mind reading it. In fact they may even want to! You can write about all sorts of things – about your life, your opinions, about someone you admire, any news you found interesting, your political commentary, or links to web sites you liked - just anything as along as it is interesting. If you are a marketing expert, you can start a blog about marketing .Some professional and amateur journalists dominate a large chunk of worldwide audiences by using blogs to publish breaking news, political debates and so on. You can post photos that you would like to share as well.
Is there anything to be done before starting a blog ? Well..browse around, sniff around looking at other blogs so that you have an idea, what blogs are all about. If, you are a beginner, like me, I would recommend you not to look around too much, as you may lose the courage to start a blog when you see all those amazing, incredible, way above blogs . Decide on a theme - chew over your subject and your topic wisely. What type of topic will interest people? What sort of topic can you write about? Take your time before you take the plunge.
Now the final step! Just get started! You will understand about blogging clearly and plainly when you try it out! Yes, that’s what I did. I just started and I got the hang of it ! It’s real cool! I would suggest - start a blog to learn more about blogging!

Happy Blogging!
PS: Don’t miss the step by step instruction on starting a blog in my next post!
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