Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Microsoft Word's Hidden Calculater

Do you work off line ever so often in MS Word? Have you ever felt the need of a calculator while working offline in Word? Well, Word has a hidden calculator as well! Of course, your computer has a calculator, but then.. while working in Word, it will be easy to use the hidden calculator in Word!

How to find the hidden Calculator in Word:

Since Microsoft has sort of hidden the calculator so very thoroughly, you will have to do a bit of digging to unearth it! When you find it, you will have to drag it to your toolbar!

For Word XP/2003:

1. Open Word
2. Click on the Tool menu and choose Customize.
3. Click the Commands tab in the Customize dialog.

4. In the Categories list click Tools and in the Commands list scroll to Tools Calculate.
5. Click and drag the Tools Calculate command onto wherever in your Toolbar.

6. To display a calculator icon, right-click the Tools Calculate button on the toolbar, select Change Button Image and choose the calculator icon.Right-click the Tools Calculate button once again and click Close.

That’s it! Your hidden calculator has been unearthed and sitting on your Word tool bar!

For Word 2007:

  1. Open word.
  2. Right-click the Quick Access toolbar and choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar
  3. Select For All Documents in the Customize Quick Access Toolbar drop-down box.
  4. In the Choose Commands From drop-down box, select Commands Not In The Ribbon.
  5. Locate Calculate in the list and double-click it to add it to the list of Quick Access commands, then click OK.

Done! Your hidden calculator has been brought to light!

How to use the Calculator:

Your Word calculator can do addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, exponentiation and roots.

Addition: +

Subtraction: - or place the number to be subtracted in parentheses, ( )

Multiplication: *

Division: /

Percentages: %

Exponentiation and roots: ^

The result is usually displayed, for a brief moment, in Word's status bar. The result is also stored on the clipboard and you can press Ctrl+V to either paste it into your Word document, or copy it to another program.

For instance.. Type 235+235 in your word document and highlight it and click your calculator and viola …your answer is in Words status bar! Do remember that it is there for a brief moment but then ,it will also be stored in your clip board.

I’m sure you got the picture now and you can calculate likewise with other options as well!

The Word Calculator works in Paragraphs

The calculator works in paragraphs as well. In certain paras the numbers intervenes with text. In such paras too the calculater works .
Thus , if you use the calculator on the following sentence:

At the conference there were 16 professors, 9 researchers, 44 scientists and 345 students and 45 guests.

The total number at the conference will be calculated.The answer 459 is in the status bar.

In the same manner,the calculator recognizes only Digits.. A sentence like "There were three women and 18 men in the room " will add up to 18 and not 21.

Uninstall / Remove

You cannot uninstall the Word calculator as it is embedded in the program.However,
the toolbar buttons can be removed from the toolbar, just like any other toolbar icon.

In Word 2003 :

Open the Customize dialog .
Go to the toolbar and drag the icon off the toolbar. (Just like how you added the icon by dragging it from the Customize dialog to the toolbar , to remove ,drag the icon away from the toolbar while the Customize dialog is still open.

In Word 2007:

Go to the Customize Quick Access Toolbar.
On the right there is a list of buttons on the QAT.
Click on the one you want to remove and click the Remove button .

Well..this is awesome! Work away in Word without moving away from Word!

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Google Search - I'm Feeling Lucky Button

You must have noticed that on the Google Web search page there are two buttons:

Search and I'm Feeling Lucky button.

Usually when you type in a word or phrase in the Google search box, you press the Search button. (You can also press Enter on your keyboard) .Then, Google returns a results page that shows various Web sites matching your search word.

Now, if you press the I'm Feeling Lucky button, Google skips the search results page and automatically takes you directly to the page or website of word in the search box. Thus, I'm Feeling Lucky search means less time searching for web pages.

For example, lets say that you type in Itunes and press Search, you will be returned with many webpages connected to the word ITunes.

But then, if you type Itunes and press I'm Feeling Lucky , you will be taken directly to Itunes home page.

Ofcourse,I'm Feeling Lucky is particularly helpful if you are somewhat certain that the first result in the search engine is going to be the page you are looking for! It saves time and clicks! :)

I’m Feeling Lucky button in Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar too has a built in I'm Feeling Lucky search button, which works exactly like the regular Google search.

I’m Feeling Lucky button in Picasa

Google's Picasa also has an I'm Feeling Lucky button. But in Picasa , the I'm Feeling Lucky button automatically applies enhancement to an image.
To go to the
I'm Feeling Lucky button in Picasa:
Just double click on a photo in Picasa.
You will be brought to the Basic Fixes page.
I'm Feeling Lucky to enhance and amend your image!
That's it!

Is'nt this cool! Are'nt you feeling lucky having such a cool button?Have a great time!

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Print Song Lists /CD Jewel Case Insert In ITunes

Is your CD case looking plain, clear, dull and boring? Have you just done with burning a CD in Itunes and would like to make a play list? Well, you don’t have to write down your list! ITunes allows you to print out a list or create a jewel case in a few easy steps.

Burn CD in Itunes - step by step instruction is here.

You just need:
• ITunes
• Paper
• A color printer.
• Scissors, to trim the jewel case print

Open ITunes.
Go to FILE menu. Choose PRINT.

Print 'Music' window pops open.
There are 3 options.

The options are:

1.CD Jewel case insert: This prints on colored background,the selected songs in your playlist or library.
2. Song listing: This prints name, length, artist and album from the selected playlist or library. Adjust the page setup in your printer for this option.
3.Album listing: This prints albums from your selected playlist of library, which includes album name, artist name, and song titles and lengths.

Choose an Option and press Print.

Its done!Your song list or Jewel case insert has been printed.Trim jewel case insert to fit your CD case.That's it! :) Read more Entry>>

Friday, February 6, 2009

Convert your Images and Photos to PDF files

Surely you must be having loads of Image files or Photos in your computer? Would you like to convert it to PDF files? Well.. the process is actually very simple. All that you need are two free soft wares.. one for making the PDF files and the other one is for viewing the PDF files.Moreover,
the Images or Photos should be, preferably, of same format like Jpeg , Bmp , Gif or whatever format.

The free software for converting the Images to PDF files is - FastStone Image Viewer.
The free software to view the PDF files is either the Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.

Download FastStone Image Viewer
Instal it and open it.

Go to Create Menu and click Multi-Page File Builder.

Click Add
The Open dialog box will open.Browse for Images in whichever directory you have saved it.

Open the images and it will appear in the Multipage File Builder.

Click PDF format from the drop down menu.

Press Create.

Your file has been created successfully.

Click Ok.
Your Images or Photos have been converted to PDF files! In the same manner you can make 'Tiff' file and 'Animated Gif' file .
Done!Now you can double click on your converted PDF file and view your images in either Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader! :)

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Convert Word Document File Into PDF File

Do you want to convert your Word Doc file into PDF file? No problem! It’s a breeze!

First, convert it into 'Text' file with the help of Notepad and then convert it into PDF file with the help of a free software called 'Some Text to PDF converter 1.4'. Ofcourse , you should also have Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader installed in your computer.

Download - Some Text to PDF converter 1.4
Install it and Open it by double clicking.

Browse for your Word document which you want to convert to PDF file.
Copy and paste it to Notepad and save it as Text file.

Go to File in your Converter program and open the Text File to be converted.
Press Start button.

Your File gets converted to PDF File.

Your PDF file opens like this in the desktop!

Your file gets saved in PDF .
Done! :)

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Convert ‘PDF’ File into ‘WORD Doc’ File

We often would like to view our PDF files as Word documents, since Word documents are much more easy and convenient to view, edit and so on and so forth .It is extremely simple to convert PDF files to Word documents.

All that you need is –
• A free Software - Free PDF to Word Doc Converter 1.1 (1.08 MB)
• PDF files.

Download - Free PDF to Word Doc Converter 1.1 (1.08 MB)
Install it and Open the Converter.

Browse and select ‘PDF’ file for conversion.
You can convert All Pages or choose the Page Numbers.
You can also retain Shapes and Images, the default Font etc.

Click Convert to Word Document.
When done, a menu will pop up with Conversion Completed.

Now,the Word document will appear on your desktop.

That's it! Done!Simple and easy!:)

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Send Voicemails Using Windows XP

Want to hear your loved one’s voice? Maybe, your loved one wants to hear your voice! Why do you need to send just emails? Send a voicemail also, as an attachment in your email! It’s as simple as a pie!

Go to the Start button in windows.

Click on All Programs> Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder.

Your sound recorder pops up!

Go to the File menu .
Click New to start a new file recording.
Next click on the Record button and start talking your message into the mic.

Press Stop when you're done with the recording.
Go back up to the File menu and click on Save.
Save the file as a .wav extension

Step by step instructions for Sound Recorder with illustrations can be found here.

Finally.. go to your email account (whichever you use regularly).
Add the .wav file as an Attachment to your email document.
Send it as usual.
There..there..you're done! You have sent a Voicemail!

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Use iPod To Store And Backup Files

Did you know that your iPod can also be used to store and back up files from your computer? Well..it’s really really easy !

All that you need is your iPod and iTunes or higher.

Connect your iPod to your computer.
Open iTunes .
Select your iPod in the left-hand menu.
You have now enabled your iPod as a disk drive.

Now open "My Computer" and Double click it .
You will see an icon for your iPod
Double click on iPod icon to open it.
This is now a loadable space.

Make a folder in your computer of all the files you want to be stored in your iPod.
Right click on the folder.
This window will show up.
Click Send To iPod.

Thats it!Your folder in in your iPod! Read more Entry>>

Soople - Expert Google search engine

Do you want all of Google’s search functions on one page? Well, you are in luck!I just came across an amazing site which has all of Google’s search features in one page! Moreover, the page is so very user friendly, that it is as easy as taking a candy from a baby!:) This site is called Soople.com.

Basically, Soople uses Google's search technology to search by specific category.It has been created for people who are not familiar with Google. From a single page, you can easily make use of all the Google search features.

Go to Soople.com

The main page has various sections for easy Google search.
It has simple Google search ,Multile site search ,Search within one site or domain , Filter search for filetype like word, excel, ppt, pdf files , Specific image search of jpg, gif, png filetypes by sizes, Definitions , Google news and more.

The next page offers a really cool smart Calculator Page with various Quick unit converters and other Trigonometry and Logarithmic functions.

The last page is the Translate Page.You can traslate from English to German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and vice-versa.
You can translate a complete web page by typing the URL of the page as well! And the whole page gets translated into the language asked.

Soople is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Google.
Anyway, is'nt Soople real cool? :)

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