Sunday, January 25, 2009

Windows Sound Recorder

It is very easy and simple to use the Sound Recorder which comes with Windows! You can record, mix, edit, and play sounds. You will need a microphone as well.

With the Sound Recorder you can:
• Add sounds to a file.
• Delete part of the sound file.
• Change the playback speed, volume and direction.
• Change or convert the sound file type.
• Add an echo.

First, plug your microphone into your sound card's mike input.

Open Windows Volume Control.

Go to> Start >Programs>Accessories>Entertainment>Volume Control

On Volume Control , Click Options and highlight Properties
Select Recording
Check Select box ,where it says MIC volume
Click OK

Next,Go to Start>Programs>Accessories>Entertainment>Sound Recorder

When you start your recording, the volume switch can be adjusted using the slider control. Sound Recorder saves files in .wav format.If you need to convert it to MP3 format you can use any free converter programs.That's it!
Save it wherever you want to!
Great!You have just recorded your own audio!:)

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