Thursday, September 17, 2009

ITunes WiFi Music Store

The iTunes WiFi Music Store allows iPod touch and iPhone users to browse, preview and then purchase music, movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store .The purchased items will be downloaded directly to the wireless device- iPod touch or iPhone . Previously, iTunes Store purchases had to be made using the iTunes software on computers, but now, the downloaded item is available to be played instantaneously on the device. And, the next time the device is connected to the computer, the songs purchased wirelessly will get synced to the computer's iTunes library. Awesome!

Furthermore, the iTunes' ringtone feature, allows users to buy songs and convert them into ringtones immediately, on the go, without the computer. Cool!

What are the requirements for the iTunes WiFi Music Store?
All you need is:
  • An iPhone or iPod touch running firmware 1.1.1
  • A WiFi connection
  • An iTunes Store account
And of course, some money! :)
 To buy music from the iTunes WiFi Music Store all you have to do is to follow these simple steps:  
  1. Connect to a WiFi Network - You will be able to access the WiFi Music Store only when connected to a WiFi network.
  2. Access the Store and Browse for Content - Just tap the purple arrow icon in the bottom right corner of the iPhone or iPod touch’s home screen to access the store. At the store, you will be able to browse for certain featured music ,view the various Top Ten lists or search the store by tapping the icons at the bottom of the screen.
  3.    Preview the Music -. Tap the name of a song to hear a preview. Tap it again to stop the preview.
  4. Buy the Music - To buy a song or album, tap the price next to it. A button that reads “Buy Now” will appear. To dismiss the button, tap anywhere on the screen other than on the button. To make the purchase, tap that button. 
  5. Download the Music - Most songs download in about 10 seconds. You can watch the progress of your download in the Downloads section, accessed through the button on the bottom right of the screen.
  6. Listen to Your Music - Once the download is complete, a “Purchased” button will show at the top-right corner of the Downloads screen. Tap that button to go to your list of music purchased from the iTunes WiFi Music Store and happily listen away to your music.
 How to add music bought from the iTunes WiFi Music Store to iTunes?
Easy – just connect your iPhone or iPod touch to the computer and any purchases from the WiFi Music Store will be automatically added to your iTunes library, along with a new playlist called ‘Purchased’ .Now wasn’t that easy and cool? Enjoy!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

14 Hot Upcoming Gadgets for Holidays 2009

 With the holidays around the corner, surely you would be curious to check out the cool, awesome upcoming gadgets. Well, I have bunched together a few upcoming gadgets for you to feast your eyes on!You do have ample time to munch on these suggestions and then, take your pick when they hit the market! :)

You will find the  listing here:

14 Hot Upcoming Gadgets for Holidays 2009

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Blogger Post Editor

Blogger has launched a new rich Post Editor, which is quite cool!  :)
To switch over to the new post editor:
Go to Dashboard>Settings>Basic
Scroll down and you will see the Select Post Editor!

Check Update editor and Save settings.
 Next,when you click on the New Post you will see the new rich post editor ! It has a bunch of editing goodies for us! Let's take a peek at some of the obvious notable features.
   1. It has Undo/Redo button.
   2. It has Strike Through button – so, no more messing around with the blogger template and changing the codes.
   3. New Color Pickers: You will now be able to highlight the text with color and you have more options  to use them .
   4. Add a Link : A brand new way to add a link on Blogger. Now you don't have to select the text to add a link. Just click on Link Button and enter the text and link. Done! Moreover you can also link to an email address.Awesome!

5 Add a Picture : This is also a great improvement on the old post editor. You can add an  image in the same post editor – no pop-up box. All the uploaded images will all be displayed in the same box and you can insert these images wherever your cursor is placed in the post editor.
And after you upload your photo you can easily adjust the size of the image along with placement. You can also remove an image with a click of the Remove button. Like this:

6. The preview of the post also opens in a new pop-up window .

This post editor feature is optional and you have the choice to revert back to the original editor if you are not too keen on this new one.Whatever...take your pick! :)

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Free Social Networking Icons

Icons! Who does not love fancy icons for their blogs and websites? Here are some amazing and awesome free collection of icons for Social Networking sites like, Facebook,Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon and so on and so forth.Take your pick and use them for your blogs or websites. They are all free. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back-up Blogger Blog Completely with Posts + Comments + Gadgets

It is always wise to save and back up your blog. We hear of instances where a blog just vanishes! You would not want to be left in the lurch wondering how you can ever replace all the posts and your comments. Or maybe, you would like to transfer your blog to another domain or whatever! I will show you a simple and a very easy method where you can back up your blog, along with your posts, comments and gadgets!
  • Log in to your blogger account and go to Dashboard.
  • Choose the blog you want to back up and go to Settings.
  • From the Settings page, select Basic.
  • Under Basic, you will see Blog Tools and click on the Export blog option.

  • An Export your blog box will open up and click on DOWNLOAD BLOG button .
  • You will be prompted to choose the location on your hard drive where you can save your blog.

That’s it! Your blog will be downloaded to that location!Your done! Good! :)
An important note:

The blog which you have Exported will be in an .xml document. It's size will be small but then, it does contain all your posts, comments and gadgets If you open the file, you will not be able to read the file but when you upload it to a blog , you will be able to view your blog along with all the posts, comments and gadgets .Thus you can save your blog completely into your hard drive and use it when required!
To save only your Template and Post check out here.
To save just your Widgets or Page elements check out here.
Hope this was useful to you. Please do give me your feed back, so that I can improve the way I explain! :)
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Back up or Save your Blogger Template

Would you like to back up your blogger template along with your posts? Well, it is a good idea to back up your template especially when you need to customize your template, so that, even when something does go wrong, you will have a - back up!Backing up your template with your posts is really a cake walk!

All that you do, is to:

Go to Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML .

Click on the Download Full Template under Backup/Restore section.

You will prompted to choose a location in your hard drive for the download .

Your blogger template will be downloaded in that location in your hard drive.

Done! Wasn’t this so very simple?

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