Thursday, January 8, 2009

Google Health

Google’s Health is completely free and lets you to store and manage all of your health information in one essential place. Google Health offers a single location to consolidate and store your medical records and personal health information. You can also use Google Health to access a host of online services and tools, from a variety of third-party companies, to help you manage your health care better!

With Google Health, you can manage your health information and access your information anywhere, at any time. You just need a Google user name and password to get started!

Go to Google Health
( and this window will appear!
Sign in with your Google account.

Go through all their features.
More details to store your information.

Google Health is free to their partners as well. There is no charge to doctors' offices, hospitals, pharmacies, and other companies that partner with Google Health though some third party companies that are incorporated with Google Health and offer customized services may charge you directly but it's up to you to choose to work with them. Google does not have financial relationship with these companies.

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Google Flu Trends

When you are down with a bout of flu, what do you do? You search for information about the flu! Well, Google has found a way to tap this trend and use the information to estimate flu activity by region.

Google says, ‘Google Flu Trends will give you an estimate of the current outbreak level in the USA or break it down state by state. You can also see trends from past years and search for a place to find flu shots near you.’

Go to Google Flu Trends
( for more information on the Flu trends!

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What Is An External Hard Drive?

Is your hard drive burdened with tons of music and movies? Maybe a stack of photos ?All these take up so much space in your hard drive .You may be storing personal sensitive documents as well. All these files are exposed to security threats like virus, spy wares, Trojan horses when you access the Internet! So, what do you do? Just back it all up! Yes, back it all up in an External Hard drive!

What exactly is an external hard drive? An external hard drive is a portable encasement that allows you to store data, but unlike your hard drive, this is not inside the computer. It rests outside the main computer tower on a tabletop or surface nearby the computer. It is connected to the computer via a high-speed interface cable like USB and Firewire and operates on a plug-and-play basis. The external hard drive can be accessed like a normal internal hard drive.
The external hard drive allows you to back up or store essential files and data separate from the main internal hard drive .You can even backup the contents of your main internal hard drive and keep them secure and safe on an external hard drive. Hence, you make your favorite programs virtually portable, as well! Moreover, when you are online, you can even leave the external drive turned off, thus making your data totally safe from online threats.

Therefore, the portable or the additional external hard drive is quite useful to back up or store important data which is apart from the main internal hard drive. Furthermore, it's really a breeze to transfer huge files back and forth from work to home, to a friend's house, or even between your desktop and laptop!

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