Thursday, January 8, 2009

Google Health

Google’s Health is completely free and lets you to store and manage all of your health information in one essential place. Google Health offers a single location to consolidate and store your medical records and personal health information. You can also use Google Health to access a host of online services and tools, from a variety of third-party companies, to help you manage your health care better!

With Google Health, you can manage your health information and access your information anywhere, at any time. You just need a Google user name and password to get started!

Go to Google Health
( and this window will appear!
Sign in with your Google account.

Go through all their features.
More details to store your information.

Google Health is free to their partners as well. There is no charge to doctors' offices, hospitals, pharmacies, and other companies that partner with Google Health though some third party companies that are incorporated with Google Health and offer customized services may charge you directly but it's up to you to choose to work with them. Google does not have financial relationship with these companies.

This is NOT a Google prank!


TITECH said...

Wow, I heard about this but didn't know it had actually launched... Thanks for this post, I love it!!!


Wind Dancer said...

I am on only your second page and I am way impressed. I knew nothing about this google health. Consider me a follower and I am doing that because I am soooo impressed by what I have read so far. Gosh I wish I would have found your blog 6 months ago
by the way I am commenting here because I really WANT to. You have an awesome site by just what I have read so far