Monday, October 26, 2009

Grab Music from MP3 blogs using Peel

The MP3 blogs are a great boon for music lovers! These blogs are a great way to download songs ,discover new music and encourages struggling and new artists to make a name for themselves.
Well,you love the MP3 blogs,but then,you do not want to go to those blogs everyday to download the music .So what do you do? Download a program called Peel .

What is Peel? Peel is a cool Mac-only program that allows  you to grab the MP3s from MP3 blogs, lets you preview and download the files as well. You can also add them to iTunes and subscribe to blogs for songs. It’s like an RSS reader just for MP3s.

First,you have to  subscribe to MP3 blogs and Peel will check out the songs in the blog for you! You can listen to them by using the play/pause button at the top of the window just like in iTunes or by double clicking the file . If you want the file, you can download the song by clicking the download  arrow icon. You can even visit the website of the blog by launching your browser from within Peel.

Adding Files to iTunes

The songs can be automatically added to iTunes when you download them or you can download the songs  to your desktop or documents folder  and then add them maually to
It’s simple to use and costs $14.95.There is a trial period of 25 days.
You can download Peel from here.( )

Note: Sorry PC users, Peel is a Mac-only program.

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