Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Produce Your Own Podcast

Since podcast is the hot topic now, how about producing your own podcasts ? It is cool to host your talk show! Actually, Podcasting is a breeze !

To start your own podcast, all that you need is :

• A microphone
• Some free software
• Space on a web server
• Gift of the gab

That’s all! Simple!:)

But then, you should also learn just a few skills, which is a child's play!

You need to know how to:

• Record your audio and save it as an MP3 file.
• Create an RSS file.
• Write the “directions” that are inside the RSS file
• Upload the RSS “feed” and yourMP3 file
• Authenticate that the file is written and sent correctly.

Yes, That’s it! Told you that it is a snap!

Besides, just keep in mind the following:

• To use a good quality microphone so that your audio sounds good and clear.
• For recording, it is irrelevant what software application you use to record your audio.
• You simply have to create an audio file that can be converted to an MP3 file format.

Well, you are all set to be a Radio star!

Don’t miss the next post –Step by step tutorial to create your own podcast! :)

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