Sunday, June 7, 2009

Microsoft launches search engine Bing

Microsoft has unveiled a new search engine named Bing , renewing its efforts to challenge the dominance of Google in the Internet search market. Bing is Microsoft’s attempt to re-energize the search engine race.

Bing replaces Microsoft’s Live Search product, which has failed to dent Google’s huge lead in search market share. Bing, described as a “decision engine”, is designed to understand what users are searching for on the Internet and display more than just the traditional “10 blue links” pointing to websites. Microsoft said the Bing service, will initially focus on shopping, travel, local business and information, and health-related research areas. Bing includes search by several categories like images, videos, shopping, news, maps etc.

The term ‘to Google’ has become synonymous with performing a search on the Internet after the company launched the ground-breaking service a decade ago. Now,Microsoft has said of ‘Bing’- ‘The name is short, it’s easy to say, it works globally. It’s been proved that being able to ‘verb up’ can be helpful.’

This is an attempt by Microsoft to reclaim some of the ground that it has lost to Google, but, the software giant still has a long way to go to increase its share in the search market

Now you have a few good choices for search-Google and Bing - and not to forget Yahoo! Read more Entry>>