Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Transfer pictures from iPod or iPhone to PC

Do you want to transfer your photos from your ipod or iphone to your PC? No worries!
This free ware program Pod Photo Transfer 2.1 (http://www.podphototransfer.com/)does the job for you!It is free image recovery image software that lets you easily transfer pictures from any iPod or iPhone back to your computer.

Pod Photo Transfer 2.0 supports all iPods and iPhones

The iPod export button transfers all images to your computer while keeping them organized in photo albums.You can easily preview pictures on any iPod or iPhone before saving it to your computer.It can also recover the dates that images were taken and use these for automatically generated file names.

This Pod Photo Transfer 2.1 is guaranteed to recover the highest resolution images from any iPod or iPhone to your PC!

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Transfer music or videos from IPod / IPhone to PC

Want to transfer your music videos and playlists from your iPod or iPhone to your PC without messing iTunes? Well, a new software has been published which makes this job so very, very easy!You can download the songs straight to your PC and then import it to itunes!

Download the software Pod to PC and install it in your computer, they have versions for windows and Mac.

To get your songs and videos off your iPod or iPhone to PC :

  • Open Pod to PC.
  • You will get a warning not to have iTunes running at the same time as Pod to PC.
  • Next the main screen appears , which lists the playlists on your phone.
  • A gold star by a song specifies that you do not have the song in iTunes. while a blue check mark means that you already have it.
  • You also have another tab that allows video previews of any unprotected videos.
  • Check the boxes next to the songs you need to transfer and click Transfer.
  • Your songs are saved to the desk top.

This screen shot is taken from the Pod to PC software site.

Next, close Pod to PC.

  • Open iTunes.
  • Go to File, select Library, then Import Playlist.
  • Open the playlist.
  • ITunes will add the new songs to the library. And they'll show up in the main library.
Check out IPod / IPhone to PC Music Transfer too.

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