Monday, May 25, 2009

Smart Installer Pack

Bought a new computer? Or maybe just formatted your computer? Cool .Now you have to download or reinstall all your fav applications ! Well, it is indeed tiresome to hunt all over the net for your applications. No worries! I came across a free software pack which contains all the necessary applications bundled in one package. You can download them all at one shot and after that you can install then one by one. Above all it’s totally free! It's easy to use and the installer comes in a convenient executable file.

You can decide what software to install.

The following softwares are included in the pack:

Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Widgets, Skype, Google Earth, Winamp, Firefox, Bittorent, Gmail Notifier, Rocket Dock, Codecs Pack, Adobe Flash Player,Apple QuickTime, SunJava, Adobe Reader, WinRar, Open Office, Daemon Tools, ThunderBird, Gimp, Picasa, Avira Antivirus, Google Chrome, CCleaner and KmPlayer.

Well..awesome.Save time, just download this Smart Installer Pack and click on the preferred icons !You're done! That's it!

You can download the pack from here -

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