Saturday, November 7, 2009

iConcertCal - An iTunes Plug-In for iPhone

iConcertCal is a free iTunes plug-in that scans your music library and if any of the artists in your music library are playing concerts  in your area, they will automatically show up in a "My Shows" list. It supports searches in the US, Canada, and the UK and is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

iConcertCal ( or 
is now available for the iPhone! Using the new features in the APIs of iPhone OS 3.0, it checks all the artists in the iTunes library of your iPhone, uses the built in GPS to find your location and then displays results. You can update your preferences and edit your location and the radius in which you’re willing to travel to see concerts. iConcertCal will show you all concerts playing in those locations and radius! Cool!
Each concert listing has:
  • links to purchase tickets
  • an email option to send a reminder to yourself or to alert your friends about a concert
  • a built in map to the venue with directions
  • a preview button that will allow you to listen to what each of the bands sound like to help you decide if you want to go
So,what happens if your largest iTunes library lives on another computer? Well, then,you should go to their website ,on the computer containing your largest library, and set up an account. All the artists on that computer will be indexed. Next go to the app and use the same settings. Automatically all the artists on the computer will be transferred to the iPhone app whether or not the artists are on the iPhone, and that information will be used by the iConcertCal app.

Enjoy this cool plugin! :)

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