Sunday, December 7, 2008

Split Videos in Windows Movie Maker

To Split Video clips in Windows Movie Maker:

1.Drag and drop the clip into the timeline.
2.Place the cursor where you want to split the clips.

3.Go to Clip and then select Split.

Your video has been split!

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Add Transitions in Windows Movie Maker

To Add Transitions in your video clips while editing inWindows Movie Maker:
1. Click Tools and select Video Transitions.

2. On the Storyboard orTimeline, move the playback to the space between two clips.
3. From the Collections Pane, click the video transition
to be added to the timeline.

4. From the Clip menu, select Add to Timeline.


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Add Audio or Music Files in Windows Movie Maker

To add music files to your movies in Windows Movie Maker,it is a good idea to first import some of your favourite music files to the Collections Pane in the Movie Maker so that it will be easy to add it to your video files.

To add music files to your Collections in Windows Movie Maker:

1. Click File and select Import into Collections.

2. Select the folder where your Audio or Music Files are stored. Like My Music
folder in My Documents.

3. Click the audio file you want and click Import.The imported audio file is then added to the Collections Pane.

Now to add the music files to your video clip in Windows Movie Maker:

1. Select the Timeline Viewer.
2. Move the playback to the location where the audio will be added.
3. Select the audio file from the Collections Pane
4. Click Clip and select Add to Timeline. The imported clip is now added to the
Audio or Music Timeline).

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Add Text and Titles in Windows Movie Maker

To add Text and Titles for your video clip in Windows Movie Maker:

1. Click Titles and Credits in the Tools Menu.
2. The add title page appears with many options of Where do you want to add a title? Click the link that corresponds to where you want then title to be placed.

3. Type the title in Enter Text for Title box.

4. Click Change the text and font color to do the relevent changes.
5. The Select Title Font and Color page appears. Select the options to change the Font style, color, size and alignment.

6. To edit the title text and change the title animation , select the More options and make the relevant changes.
Click Done when you have finished and add the title and text to the movie!

Your Movie has a Title!

Copyright © 2008 Laila Rajaratnam. All Rights Reserved

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Compress Video For the Web in Windows Movie Maker

You do have to compress your video for the web. A 3 minute uncompressed video clip will be about 660MB, whereas by compressing, the same 3 minute clip can be trimmed down to about 15MB. Moreover you will be able to view only a compressed video with ease over the web.You can easily compress your video file in Windows Movie Maker,the free video editing software which comes with XP.
Lets say you have your video clip saved in your computer. Now,you open your Windows Movie Maker and click Import Video.

Choose the video you want to import and it will be imported to the collections pane in windows Movie Maker.

Drag and drop the video clip to Timeline.

Click File and choose Save Movie File.

The Save Movie Wizard will appear.
Choose My Computer and click next.

Save your movie file and click next.

Click on the Show more choices

Check the box Other settings

The drop menu will appear with a number of options .

You can choose which ever option suits you and click next.
Your compressed movie will be saved.

Now your compressed video clip is ready for uploading !

Copyright © 2008 Laila Rajaratnam. All Rights Reserved

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