Sunday, December 7, 2008

Compress Video For the Web in Windows Movie Maker

You do have to compress your video for the web. A 3 minute uncompressed video clip will be about 660MB, whereas by compressing, the same 3 minute clip can be trimmed down to about 15MB. Moreover you will be able to view only a compressed video with ease over the web.You can easily compress your video file in Windows Movie Maker,the free video editing software which comes with XP.
Lets say you have your video clip saved in your computer. Now,you open your Windows Movie Maker and click Import Video.

Choose the video you want to import and it will be imported to the collections pane in windows Movie Maker.

Drag and drop the video clip to Timeline.

Click File and choose Save Movie File.

The Save Movie Wizard will appear.
Choose My Computer and click next.

Save your movie file and click next.

Click on the Show more choices

Check the box Other settings

The drop menu will appear with a number of options .

You can choose which ever option suits you and click next.
Your compressed movie will be saved.

Now your compressed video clip is ready for uploading !

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