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Additional Tips for Planning Vacation Online

Are you about to set off on your vacation? Stop! Before you venture out there are a few additional tips you should adhere to!

Nothing can be worse than falling sick while on vacation .Hence, check out International Society of Online Travel Medicine and Travel Health online, for a comprehensive listings of vaccines and travel clinics worldwide.

You should be aware of the local currency and to convert your currency and determine exchange rates, visit Oanda.com which is a multilingual currency converter for over 164 currencies and 3 metals. Do learn some local lingo or just study a few phrases to get yourself understood. For helpful phrases, visit travelang.com a site for Foreign Languages for Travelers covering 80 languages. You may enrol for a free online language course at parlo.com in case you want to master the language before you commence your vacation!

Where do you find a club or a bar? The pubclub.com is a worldwide nightlife guide to pubs, clubs, parties and events. It details the hotspots, hip places and cool hangouts in many countries.

You should carry some maps around for quick guidance. Take some printouts from online map sites.You will find maps online for free in Maps.com and Google Maps(maps.google.com). Furthermore, you can find wine maps, railway maps , hiking and nautical in omnimap.com

Be a smart traveller, apart from carrying your credit card and debit card , enlighten yourself with online banking like Western Union and Moneygram for an emergency. Another precaution to be taken, is to note down the numbers of your passport, your security card and other important documents and mail it to yourself. In case of theft, you can atleast access the numbers of the stolen documents.

See the guide to Planning a Vacation Online and Budget Travellers for more reference.

With all these great options available online , have an organised stress free relaxed holiday!

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Budget Travellers

Planning a vacation? Do you prefer to travel on a budget? No problem! Many online websites offer you huge savings and discounts on your holiday packages. Check out these sites for bargain offers! CheapTickets.com , Travelzoo.com , Selloffvacations.com. There’s an amazing site, Hotwire, where you will be able to get last-minute airfares and hotels at rock bottom prices. Onetravel.com and Smartertravel.com are other discount sites that offer good packages for budget travelers.

Next, decide on the season of your travel ? Is it to be the ‘peak’ holiday vacation season or the ‘off-peak’ holiday time? Sometimes financial constraints may reckon that ‘off-peak’ travel is a far more viable option. Travelsupermarket.com lets you compare prices for flights and accommodation, and holiday packages.

Trying to find a good hostel can be daunting! Try hostelbooker.com, hostels.com, hostelworld.com, and hostelz.com. for good hostel accommodations. Another good option for budget travellers are the self catering holiday accommodations which comprise of holiday homes, cottages and apartments. Click4holidayhomes.com , directholidaylets.com holidayrentals.org. allow you to book these types of rental homes and apartments for your vacation.

Surely you would like to experience the various cuisines available while on vacation? What are the choice of eateries available within your budget? Try browsing through websites of local papers and search its archive for some good dining sections. You can try NewsDirectory.com to locate the newspapers. Are you a vegetarian? If so, sites like vegdining.com , and happycow.net supply you with names and locations of restaurants and health food stores around the world.

An important tip for planning a budget trip is to register with your favorite airline websites and other travel e-newsletters to receive e-mail alerts when bargain fares become available . Some airlines and hotels now offer discounted Internet-only fares ! It's worth hunting for these special deals.

Thus with careful planning you will be able to afford a wonderful holiday on a budget! Enjoy your holiday on a budget!

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Plan Your Vacation Online

Planning a dream holiday? How about a beach vacation ? A Ski trip, perhaps ?A study tour? Or maybe go green with ecotourism? Whatever, it all needs careful planning! You no longer need to waste time going to the library to check out on destinations or make trips to travel agents to plan your itinerary. At the click of the mouse, you get a wealth of info about destinations, travel fares and accommodations. You can also customize your trips taking into account your needs and priorities. Thus you can plan and make reservations all by yourself with the help of your Internet travel guide!

First do a prior research to decide on your destination, next organize your itinerary, then, make your reservations.

The following websites lists information on international cities, towns , wellness,visas, security and appropriate clothing.








These sites also allow you to make reservations and bookings right from planes tickets, vacation packages, cruises, accommodations to car rentals. All you have to do is to register with the site before you will be allowed to make reservations. Most major airlines and hotel chains have their own websites as well which you can look into from time to time!

Another excellent resource is TripAdvisor.com, which has reader reviews and recommendations from like-minded travelers of both popular and obscure destinations, eateries, accommodations and hidden adventures. For an all-in-one travel tips and advice, visit Wanderlust.co.uk and Igougo.com , two popular online travel journals.

For a good choice of liner cruises with a list of worldwide itineraries visit :Cruise Direct.comand Cruise2.com .

For Eurail passes and deals check out Eurotrip.com and TheBackpacker.Net.

There are deals for the last minute trip planners too. Try out these sites for the best last minute deals: selloffvacations.com , lastminutetravel.com ,

There are sites for Budget Travellers where you will be able to get holiday deals at rock bottom prices.

Also you need to be aware about Additional Tips for Planning Vacation Online while travelling, like road maps, money converters, local lingo and so on. Thus you can customize your trips taking into account your needs and priorities.

Enjoy your holiday! Bon Voyage!

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