Saturday, November 15, 2008

Password Manager

Are you having trouble managing all your passwords, usernames and sites? Well, being a blogger and an Internet buff you must be registered in umpteen sites with various user names and passwords. Also, you must surely be aware that anyone can easily manoeuvre to your accounts and gain access to your browser's built-in password saver utility. So, naturally you must be having unusual and hard to guess passwords in each site and remembering them all must be real tough. Well, I came across a simple free programme to store all these info. It is called Password Prime 1.2 and it has been tested as spyware free as well! You can download it here !

Below is a figure of the Password Prime’s interface.

The command buttons are huge for easy use and there's a button for adding new username, password, and Web site information, a button for editing the entry, and a button for deleting the entry. A click on the website takes us to our entry's corresponding Web site. That is cool! Moreover username and password information can be easily cut and pasted into their respective fields. Therefore, Password Prime allows us to manage and organize log-in information. Give it a try!

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