Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Modify ‘Comments’ and ‘Posted By’ words in Blogger

Do you think that ‘comments’ and ‘Posted by’ words in blogger are so very common and conventional, that you would like to customize it and use a cool word of your own .Well, that’s no problem !It’s a breeze actually! Oh, no, you do not have to go about tweaking the template and stuff like that.

1. Go to the Page Elements tab on your dashboard.
2. Click on the word Edit in the Blog Posts section.

The Main Page Option box will appear.

  • Delete the word comments and insert whatever word you would like. Like for instance, you can replace the word ‘comments’ by’ ‘fantastic bloggers’.
  • Likewise, for the posted by word, delete the words 'Posted by' and insert your desired word. You can substitute it by ‘written by’ or whatever.
  • Click Save Now.
Yes, you’re done! Simple wasn’t it? Read more Entry>>