Thursday, April 9, 2009

DRM Free Music

Many top sites have been offering DRM free online music for a while! We own the music after downloading it!That's great!

These sites, include the likes of Amazon, eMusic ,Rhapsody and even Wal-Mart .Yahoo also offers a yearly subscription based service called MUSIC Unlimited for only $5.99 per month. That’s quite a reasonable way to have a lot of music at your fingertips but then,the site allows you to download music onto an mp3 player only if you pay an extra $.79 along with your subscription.

Another advantage is that these sites offer speedy delivery,that is, very fast transfer downloads once you approve of the purchase and also their other important feature is the selection of music available.

Following the footsteps of the above mentioned sites,ultimately, one of the major last bastions of DRM music also finally gave in! Sony BMG offers DRM free music, but only to customers via their retail store and it can only be bought using 'album cards'.

Finally, the greatest news of all! Apple, the last major retailer of DRM-encumbered music has also announced, that all iTunes music will be going DRM-free. Some 8 million songs and music videos are already available DRM-free, via iTunes Plus.
This is great news for music lovers! :) Cheers!

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