Sunday, August 2, 2009

How to view your IP address

Would you like to know your public IP address? Well, there are many ways to determine your IP address. Here are a couple of methods:

By using IPCONFIG command

1. Click Start and select Run

2. In box that appears type cmd and click OK

3. The Dos box will appear. Type in it ipconfig and press enter.

4. Your IP will be shown.

Good!Now for another method!

By Network Connections status

1. Click Start and go to the Control panel.

2. Click on Internet Connections.

4. Select your connection icon, and click on it .

5. Click on Details tab, and you will see your IP address.

Sometimes depending on your network configuration or if you are behind a firewall or router, you will not be able to see your public IP.In that case, you can see your public IP address in or download and a free utility called BySoft Network Monitor and you will be able to see your IP address and other information about your connection as well! Read more Entry>>