Thursday, December 25, 2008

Google's Image Search

Who does not use Google search? And then, who does not use Google Image search? Yes, but then don’t you get frustrated when you do an Image search for a particular Image and Google returns unlimited, unwanted images. It happens to me all the time. Suddenly, a couple of days back, I came across Google’s Advanced image search and WOW! It’s amazing! It’s exactly what I wanted!
It goes like this!
Lets say we want to image search for Elvis Presley!
Type in Elvis at Google Image search and click Advanced Image search.

The following dialog box will appear.
It has so many options like Find results, Content types, Size, File type , Coloration ,Domain, Safe Search.
Now,Type in Elvis in whichever column of Find Results.
Choose the Content Types of your choice.
Then select the Size, File type , Coloration from the drop down menu .
Click Google Search. Your results will appear.

For instance if you choose Faces in Content types and type Elvis, Google will return just the faces of Elvis.
Like wise if you choose Photos in Content type, google will return just the photos of Elvis.

In the same manner if you choose, Clipart in Content types only the clipart of Elvis will show up.

Or if you choose, Line drawings in the Content types only the sketches of Elvis will turn up.

Now,how cool is this?We do save so much time and energy by adopting these methods!
By the way, Google always knows what to offer and make matters easier for us! :)

Copyright © 2008 Laila Rajaratnam. All Rights Reserved

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Transfer CD Tracks to IPod Using ITunes

Do you want to fill up your iPod with a cool collection of playlists ? What better option than to load it with your fav CDs! It’s a cake walk converting CDs with iTunes and transferring them to your iPod!
First, open iTunes.If you do not have iTunes ,then, download it from here.

Next configure iTunes to encode your CD tracks to MP3 ,AIFF or ACC formats.
  • Go to Edit in iTunes.
  • Click Preferences.
  • Choose the format you want in the drop down Menu.
Choose whatever options you need.

  • Insert your CD into your CD or DVD drive.
  • You will see the list of tracks in iTunes.
  • The iTunes ‘Import your CD to your Library ‘ dialog box will appear automatically.
  • Click Yes.

  • The Encoding starts.
  • You will see green checks appear alongside each track . This indicates that the track has been successfully imported into your iTunes library.

When done,you will see the songs in 'Recently Added' in the Plylist.
Rename it.

When you double click the 'Recently Added' the following dialog boxes will appear.

If you do not want to create iMix,then fine! Well and good!Your tracks are in your iTunes library!You can now transfer the songs to your iPod! Was'nt this a snap? Everything was done automatically !

Copyright © 2008 Laila Rajaratnam. All Rights Reserved

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