Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Blogger Post Editor

Blogger has launched a new rich Post Editor, which is quite cool!  :)
To switch over to the new post editor:
Go to Dashboard>Settings>Basic
Scroll down and you will see the Select Post Editor!

Check Update editor and Save settings.
 Next,when you click on the New Post you will see the new rich post editor ! It has a bunch of editing goodies for us! Let's take a peek at some of the obvious notable features.
   1. It has Undo/Redo button.
   2. It has Strike Through button – so, no more messing around with the blogger template and changing the codes.
   3. New Color Pickers: You will now be able to highlight the text with color and you have more options  to use them .
   4. Add a Link : A brand new way to add a link on Blogger. Now you don't have to select the text to add a link. Just click on Link Button and enter the text and link. Done! Moreover you can also link to an email address.Awesome!

5 Add a Picture : This is also a great improvement on the old post editor. You can add an  image in the same post editor – no pop-up box. All the uploaded images will all be displayed in the same box and you can insert these images wherever your cursor is placed in the post editor.
And after you upload your photo you can easily adjust the size of the image along with placement. You can also remove an image with a click of the Remove button. Like this:

6. The preview of the post also opens in a new pop-up window .

This post editor feature is optional and you have the choice to revert back to the original editor if you are not too keen on this new one.Whatever...take your pick! :)

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