Saturday, October 17, 2009

Top 4 Music Download Services

There are many MP3 music download sites available on the net where you can download MP3 music for your iPod and MP3 players. But then, the following are the top 4 music download service sites for your ipod/iphone.

 1.     iTunes Store

Itunes store is still the best. The iTunes Store has the largest collection of music, TV shows, movies, or podcasts and continues to add cool new features like iTunes Movie Rentals  and the integration of the store with the iPod / iPhone

2. AmazonMP3

A new entry to this category, AmazonMP3 gives iTunes a real challenge. It has music downloads for any device and the music downloads instantly and automatically to iTunes and Windows Media player. You have to install their Amazon MP3 Downloader before your first purchase and makes downloading songs fast and easy. Above all they have a free song a day offer which you can download for free!

3. eMusic 

EMusic has been in this space for a long time and offers DRM-free music at good prices. They are the  first service to sell audiobooks in MP3 in 2007. You can listen and download a free track every day. Their music is  guaranteed to work on any MP3 Player including the iPod and Zune. Their eMusic discovery toolbar makes it easy for you to go to any category on their site- free music, streaming radio, browse music etc.

4. Napster  

Napster was once the rage of the digital, free-music revolution. This subscription-based legal file-sharing service, also offers an MP3 store a la iTunes and AmazonMP3.They offer a Napster To Go subscription which allows you to transfer unlimited music to music-enabled cell phones as well.Unfortunately, iPod and Zune players are not compatible with Napster To Go. But then,Napster To Go tracks can be downloaded on up to 3 PCs and transferred to 3 portable music players or phones.And while Napster offers a similar catalog to those other popular sites, its user interface is difficult and it has no features to tempt users away from the market leaders.

For more details check out their websites! Have fun downloading mp3 and adding up your music collection!
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