Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hide your mail address in email forwards

Do you belong to the category ‘forward emails’? Well, I mean, are you one of those who keeps forwarding emails, to and fro, just to share all the fun emails? So? Do you realize that the emails you send are forwarded to all their friends , exposing your email and all of your friends email addresses?

So, maintain caution ,play safe ,protect your id from falling into the hands of spammers!
Just follow these two simple tips:
  1. Use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) to type in the multiple recipients email addresses that you plan to forward . By this, none of the email addresses will show in the forwarded emails.
  2. This is also a politeness to the people you are forwarding to, as they do not have to scroll through pages of email addresses to get to the joke that you thought was so very funny ,so as to forward it
That’s it! So very simple!
Some email programs do not have the BCC listed, in that case, look for link or button that says ADD BCC. safe!:) Read more Entry>>

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Restore accidentally deleted files

Gosh! Did you accidentally delete files from your computer? Or maybe it was deleted by bugs, crashes and viruses ? Did you by any chance empty the recycle bin ? No worries! All these files can be recovered by a freeware data recovery program called Recuva , pronounced ‘recover’ You can download it from here - . The program can also be used to recover other files that have been deleted by mistake from digital camera memory cards or MP3 players.Runs on Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and 98.Now is this not cool?
Another very important feature of this software is that it has a secure deletion option that allows you to permanently delete files that were found during the scan, so that future recoveries are not possible.

You definitely do need this freeware!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Smart Installer Pack

Bought a new computer? Or maybe just formatted your computer? Cool .Now you have to download or reinstall all your fav applications ! Well, it is indeed tiresome to hunt all over the net for your applications. No worries! I came across a free software pack which contains all the necessary applications bundled in one package. You can download them all at one shot and after that you can install then one by one. Above all it’s totally free! It's easy to use and the installer comes in a convenient executable file.

You can decide what software to install.

The following softwares are included in the pack:

Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Widgets, Skype, Google Earth, Winamp, Firefox, Bittorent, Gmail Notifier, Rocket Dock, Codecs Pack, Adobe Flash Player,Apple QuickTime, SunJava, Adobe Reader, WinRar, Open Office, Daemon Tools, ThunderBird, Gimp, Picasa, Avira Antivirus, Google Chrome, CCleaner and KmPlayer.

Well..awesome.Save time, just download this Smart Installer Pack and click on the preferred icons !You're done! That's it!

You can download the pack from here -

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

View Two Word Documents Side By Side - Word 2003

Do you have a couple of rather similar word documents that you need to compare? Microsoft Word 2003 comes with a built-in document comparison tool where you can view and edit two documents side-by-side.
1. Open both the documents that you want to compare in Microsoft Word 2003.
2. Select Window > Compare Side by Side With.

3. If you have both the two documents open, the menu item will mention both the document’s file name. If not, a dialog box will appear and allows you to choose the documents to compare.

4. Now both the document will appear side by side.

5. When you scroll down one document, the other document will scroll down as well.

4. A Compare Side floating tool bar will appear. If you want one document to scroll while the other doen not scroll, click the left button (it looks like two documents side-by-side)

5. View or edit your document .When done, click Close Side by Side.

Wasn't this cool?No more messy editing or viewing two similar word documents!

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