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How To Make Money From Your Blog

You have a blog now! Next, why not think of making money from your blog. Can I? Of course you can! What’s the investment like? Well, your financial investment is ZERO or NIL whereas you have to put in a huge investment of patience, endurance and persistence. For sure, you need good content as well to pull in the audiences to your blog. Are you game for this deal? Good, done! Now let’s go to the basics on how people make money by blogging.

The three main schemes by which beginners make money from blogging are:

3.Selling or Marketing.

Advertising – This is the best option for beginners. For this you have to register either with Google Adsense or any Affiliate Programe who will then feature their advertisements on your blog. You will be guided about putting up the ads on your blog. When your reader clicks on the ad you will get paid. Some affiliate programs pay per click, others pay if a sale is made through the click from your blog. In most cases you will hardly see any revenue for months. Like we mentioned earlier .. Patience is the keyword.

Freelance - If you are already a freelance writer, then this option will be ideal for you. You have to search around for freelance sites, blog forums and SEO communities for contracts. You will be paid per post. But then, be aware that beginners don’t get paid very well, if at all you are accepted!

Selling or Marketing – You can market products, services and opportunities on your blogs, This also takes a wee bit of time as you have to build trust first. Finally, in course of time, if you are successful this option can be very lucrative.

How to Promote Your Blog :

• You must submit your blog to all the major search engines before you can earn money.
• Send your URL to your friends and contacts to visit your blog and link to you. As the number of links to your blog increases, so will your status and rating with the search engines.
• To track your blog’s performance register with Google Analytics. This is a free tool to analyze the number and demographic data of visitors to your site.
• Paste a visit counter to check on the number of visitors to your blog.
• Use an appropriate blog name related to the theme of your blog as this will show up in search engine results.

In a nutshell, as the popularity of your blog grows, so will the traffic and ranking of the search engine increases. This in turn will impact the natural growth in your revenue from the Affiliate programs and Adsense. But, do bear in mind that there will be some sign of money trickling in only after 4-5 months of blogging.

Few essential pointers to remember for success -

• The secret to success is to invest your energy in patience, effort and hardwork.
• Stretch your interests across various revenue streams if you have to make money by blogging.

Now is this not amazing? You blog to make the blogger and writer in you happy, which attracts an audience and you make money!

There is this amazing video which tells you how to make money from blogs! See and learn from it!Happy Learning!

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How To Make Money From Your Blog

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