Friday, January 16, 2009

Create Radio Playlist In ITunes

Want to create Radio Playlist in iTunes? Yes, you can create Radio Playlist and listen to streaming audio in iTunes, all day long! Though Apple’s iTunes is basically used to purchase music, synchronize with iPod and iPhone, burn CDs and rip music.. you can also listen to live streaming music from your favorite radio stations.

Of course, this Radio playlist cannot be synced to your iPod or iPhone, but then, you will be able to enjoy live streaming audio from your fav radio playstations! Just remember that instead of adding music tracks, we are going to add radio stations. That’s it!Nothing more!:)

All you need is Apples ITunes software version 7or above.

This is what you have to do:

1. Create a Playlist.

To create a list of your favorite radio stations, you first need to create a blank playlist in iTunes.
Open Itunes, click File > New Playlist .
Or Click the + Button at the bottom left of iTunes.
Type in a name for the playlist.

2. Add Radio Stations

Click on the Radio menu item in the left pane (underneath Library).
A list of categories will be displayed with a triangle next to each one.

Click on a triangle next to a genre of your choice to see what radio stations are available.
Double-click a radio station to begin listening to it.
Drag it to your playlist if you like it.
You're done!

3. Check and Use Your Radio Station Playlist

Click on your newly created playlist in the left pane of your screen (underneath Playlists).
Check that all the radio stations you dragged and dropped are in the list.
Click Play button at the top of the screen.

Enjoy your unlimited supply of free music - 24/7 ! :)

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