Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apple debuts iTunes 9

Apple has release of the latest version of its media management and sales program, iTunes Version 9. ITunes 9 has added support for iTunes LP, a redesigned iTunes Store, new iPods, integration with social networking systems like Facebook and Twitter, and more.

Itunes 9’s new features include:
  • A redesigned iTunes Store
  • Allows Facebook and Twitter integration so that users can post media links to those social media services
  • Syncing options for iPod and iPhone have been improved.
  • Upgraded management of movies and App Store programs on the desktop as well and not just on the iPhone or iPod
  • You can re-arrange the iPhone or iPod touch homescreen from the desktop and on the device too.
  • An add on to the iTunes Genius feature  called Genius Mixes  to create great playlists
  • Simple and easy method of sharing media between computers in the same house.
  • Extras content for movies from the iTunes Store
You can download iTunes 9 for free through Apple's standard Software Update tool. Read more Entry>>