Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Publish your blog in Amazon Kindle and make money

Amazon has launched a Kindle Publishing for Blogs program. So now, bloggers can sign up and upload their blogs or any RSS feeds for sale in the Kindle Store and this facility is available to all the bloggers worldwide. Do not worry if you do not have a Kindle device to test the layout of your blog on the e-ink screen. Amazon has a preview feature for you to see how the feed will appear on the Kindle screen .This is awesome! :)

To get started is actually a breeze:

• You’ve got to create a separate account for the program. Your existing Amazon or Kindle account is not enough.
• You have to provide your contact details, your payment info including your tax ID number and bank account specification.
• International publishers will also be able to receive their payments via a U.S. check.

Once you have a Kindle Publishing account, you will have to make available your blog’s RSS feed, an account of your blog details, the screen shot image of your blog's home page, your blog category and the banner or logo of your blog. Preview your blog submission , press Publish and that's it! Your blog has been submitted! Once Amazon approves your blog, the blog will be published with in 48-72 hours and it will be available to Kindle users on the Amazon Store and the Amazon Associates, where customers can view your blog and subscribe for it, if they like it!

How much can you earn? Well, Amazon fixes the rate for the blog, which is usually $0.99 per month, while some top blogs can draw upto $1.99 per month. Amazon will share 30% subscription revenue with you. There is no way you can distribute your blog for free, either.Moreover, Kindle provides its subscribers the full blog articles and just not excerpts. Subscribers can read the blogs even while offline. Kindle blogs are auto-delivered wirelessly to the Kindle and updated throughout the day.

Well..you can chew on this project, but remember that though you might not make a lot of money from the Kindle, your blog will get more exposure and it widens the reach of your blog as well! Happy blogging at Kindle!

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