Sunday, January 11, 2009

IPod / IPhone to PC Music Transfer

Lets say -

Your hard drive crashed, wiping out iTunes as well, but your iPod still has a copy of your music collections.

What do you do? Well, copy the music from your iPod to your computer!
Are you sure? I was under the impression that you cannot move your music from your iPod back to your PC. Well.. things have changed and now there are software programs(freewares as well as sharewares) that allow you to copy music from your ipod to your computer.
Before you use the software to copy your iPod library to the PC, you'll need to install iTunes.

When iTunes is installed, you will need to change the setting.

Go to the Edit menu -> iTunes Preferences.
1. Select Advanced Tab.
2. Check the box next to "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to the library."
3. Click OK to close iTunes preferences.

You can choose anyone of these following freeware programs , download it and install it.

  1. iPod PC Transfer 3.7(
2. iPod Copy Master ( )

3. iPodAid

Open the program.Here I have used IPod PCTransfer.
When you connect your iPod to the computer, the program will automatically detect the iPod and read it contents.

The contents of your iPod will be displayed in the program's window .
1. Click the "Select All" button to select all the music in your iPod which you plan to transfer to computer.
2. Click the Export button to start transfer music from iPod to computer.
3. Relax, make yourself a cup of coffee and wait till the transfer is finished automatically.

Note-You can also select one song at a time if you only plan to copy just a few songs .

These softwares support all types of iPod inlcuding iTouch and iPhone.


TITECH said...

Great post! I know how to do this for Sansas, etc., but not for iPods. True, I don't have an iPod, but I might in the future...


LAILA said...

Thanks Titus!:)Thanks for the encouragement!:)

TITECH said...

No problem!

You more than deserve it :)