Saturday, January 10, 2009

Burn CDs In ITunes

Would you like to put your favorite play list from iTunes to a CD? Yes, that’s right! ITunes allow you to create CDs from iTunes play list and you can burn the CDs from iTunes as well! Is it difficult? Oh, no, it’s a piece of cake!

  • Open ITunes
  • Select the playlist to be burned
  • Either click the Burn Disc at the right bottom of iTunes or right click on the selected playlist and click Burn Playlist to CD.
ITunes allows you three burning options!

1. Audio CD-This is readable by virtually any audio CD player.
2. MP3 CD- This is copying the files as MP3 files,
3. Data CD or DVD- The songs in a playlist, regardless of file type,(even the itunes music store protected AAC files) can be burned. This option allows you to burn to a DVD-R disc, which can hold approximately 5 times as much data per disc.

Choose the Preferred Speed and Gap between songs.
Click Burn .

  • ITunes prompts you to insert a blank disc.
  • Insert a blank CD in your CD/DVD drive.
  • ITunes will begin the Burn process .
  • A progress bar and the names of the songs burning to the disc are displayed.
  • When done, eject the newly burned disc from your drive and then test it.
Yes, that's it!Your CD has been burned!

  1. You can burn a CD only from the songs in a playlist.
  2. If a playlist contains more songs than will fit on the CD, iTunes will only burn as many songs as will fit on the disc.
  3. The size of the selected playlist is shown at the bottom of the iTunes window.

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