Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Produce Your Own Podcast

Since podcast is the hot topic now, how about producing your own podcasts ? It is cool to host your talk show! Actually, Podcasting is a breeze !

To start your own podcast, all that you need is :

• A microphone
• Some free software
• Space on a web server
• Gift of the gab

That’s all! Simple!:)

But then, you should also learn just a few skills, which is a child's play!

You need to know how to:

• Record your audio and save it as an MP3 file.
• Create an RSS file.
• Write the “directions” that are inside the RSS file
• Upload the RSS “feed” and yourMP3 file
• Authenticate that the file is written and sent correctly.

Yes, That’s it! Told you that it is a snap!

Besides, just keep in mind the following:

• To use a good quality microphone so that your audio sounds good and clear.
• For recording, it is irrelevant what software application you use to record your audio.
• You simply have to create an audio file that can be converted to an MP3 file format.

Well, you are all set to be a Radio star!

Don’t miss the next post –Step by step tutorial to create your own podcast! :)

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TITECH said...

Great article here!
I haven't ever made a podcast before and I was really curious to know what was required.

I love this simple, to the point article! Great job!


Also, I liked your previous article on what a podcast was. It was a great refresher for me.
Thanks for sharing this with us! :)

Happy Heart Princess said...

Laila - you left a nice msg on my blog about the election. Thank you - I just cannot tell you how good it feels as an American to hear from people from other countries. After feeling like the laughing stock of the world for these past 8 years, this is wonderful for us! Thank you so much

Konstantin said...

eat to know this info great blog keep it rolling

Computer Kernel said...

nice article...
can we exchanged our link??

LAILA said...


@Happy Heart Princess..thanks for dropping by!:)

@Konstantin..Thanks for your appreciation!:)

@Computer Kernal..Thanks for visiting!:)