Sunday, February 8, 2009

Print Song Lists /CD Jewel Case Insert In ITunes

Is your CD case looking plain, clear, dull and boring? Have you just done with burning a CD in Itunes and would like to make a play list? Well, you don’t have to write down your list! ITunes allows you to print out a list or create a jewel case in a few easy steps.

Burn CD in Itunes - step by step instruction is here.

You just need:
• ITunes
• Paper
• A color printer.
• Scissors, to trim the jewel case print

Open ITunes.
Go to FILE menu. Choose PRINT.

Print 'Music' window pops open.
There are 3 options.

The options are:

1.CD Jewel case insert: This prints on colored background,the selected songs in your playlist or library.
2. Song listing: This prints name, length, artist and album from the selected playlist or library. Adjust the page setup in your printer for this option.
3.Album listing: This prints albums from your selected playlist of library, which includes album name, artist name, and song titles and lengths.

Choose an Option and press Print.

Its done!Your song list or Jewel case insert has been printed.Trim jewel case insert to fit your CD case.That's it! :)

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