Monday, February 9, 2009

Google Search - I'm Feeling Lucky Button

You must have noticed that on the Google Web search page there are two buttons:

Search and I'm Feeling Lucky button.

Usually when you type in a word or phrase in the Google search box, you press the Search button. (You can also press Enter on your keyboard) .Then, Google returns a results page that shows various Web sites matching your search word.

Now, if you press the I'm Feeling Lucky button, Google skips the search results page and automatically takes you directly to the page or website of word in the search box. Thus, I'm Feeling Lucky search means less time searching for web pages.

For example, lets say that you type in Itunes and press Search, you will be returned with many webpages connected to the word ITunes.

But then, if you type Itunes and press I'm Feeling Lucky , you will be taken directly to Itunes home page.

Ofcourse,I'm Feeling Lucky is particularly helpful if you are somewhat certain that the first result in the search engine is going to be the page you are looking for! It saves time and clicks! :)

I’m Feeling Lucky button in Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar too has a built in I'm Feeling Lucky search button, which works exactly like the regular Google search.

I’m Feeling Lucky button in Picasa

Google's Picasa also has an I'm Feeling Lucky button. But in Picasa , the I'm Feeling Lucky button automatically applies enhancement to an image.
To go to the
I'm Feeling Lucky button in Picasa:
Just double click on a photo in Picasa.
You will be brought to the Basic Fixes page.
I'm Feeling Lucky to enhance and amend your image!
That's it!

Is'nt this cool! Are'nt you feeling lucky having such a cool button?Have a great time!

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nishantdon said...

thanx for shring
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Eshanvi said...

Thanks for a compiled information like this... Will surely keep in mind

LAILA said...

@ Nishantdon,thank you for appreciating!:)

@Eshanvi,thanks for finding this useful!:)