Thursday, February 5, 2009

Convert Word Document File Into PDF File

Do you want to convert your Word Doc file into PDF file? No problem! It’s a breeze!

First, convert it into 'Text' file with the help of Notepad and then convert it into PDF file with the help of a free software called 'Some Text to PDF converter 1.4'. Ofcourse , you should also have Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader installed in your computer.

Download - Some Text to PDF converter 1.4
Install it and Open it by double clicking.

Browse for your Word document which you want to convert to PDF file.
Copy and paste it to Notepad and save it as Text file.

Go to File in your Converter program and open the Text File to be converted.
Press Start button.

Your File gets converted to PDF File.

Your PDF file opens like this in the desktop!

Your file gets saved in PDF .
Done! :)

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Computer Kernel said...

thanks for the info..=)

LAILA said...

Computer Kernel..thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!:)