Thursday, February 5, 2009

Send Voicemails Using Windows XP

Want to hear your loved one’s voice? Maybe, your loved one wants to hear your voice! Why do you need to send just emails? Send a voicemail also, as an attachment in your email! It’s as simple as a pie!

Go to the Start button in windows.

Click on All Programs> Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder.

Your sound recorder pops up!

Go to the File menu .
Click New to start a new file recording.
Next click on the Record button and start talking your message into the mic.

Press Stop when you're done with the recording.
Go back up to the File menu and click on Save.
Save the file as a .wav extension

Step by step instructions for Sound Recorder with illustrations can be found here.

Finally.. go to your email account (whichever you use regularly).
Add the .wav file as an Attachment to your email document.
Send it as usual.'re done! You have sent a Voicemail!

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