Sunday, February 1, 2009

Use iPod To Store And Backup Files

Did you know that your iPod can also be used to store and back up files from your computer?’s really really easy !

All that you need is your iPod and iTunes or higher.

Connect your iPod to your computer.
Open iTunes .
Select your iPod in the left-hand menu.
You have now enabled your iPod as a disk drive.

Now open "My Computer" and Double click it .
You will see an icon for your iPod
Double click on iPod icon to open it.
This is now a loadable space.

Make a folder in your computer of all the files you want to be stored in your iPod.
Right click on the folder.
This window will show up.
Click Send To iPod.

Thats it!Your folder in in your iPod!


Computer Kernel said...

thanks for the nice info..
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LAILA said...

Thanks ..Computer Kernal!:)