Sunday, August 3, 2008


Surfing the Web (World Wide Web) has ceased to be a friendly neighbourhood and has become quite an unsafe place , flooded with bad monsters of the internet like dangerous Viruses , Trojan horses, and Spywares . Therefore to surf safe, we need a secure Browser, a good Anti-Virus programme , Spyware and above all Awareness.

The following are the most popular browsers:

Internet Explorer (IE) by Microsoft, the popular browser till recently, hasn't had any major updates in recent times and thus it now takes the second place after Mozilla . Even with the latest security patches installed, IE is considered a marked risk. Internet Explorer 8will be released by the end of 2008.

Firefox is a new free browser from Mozilla which was released in 2004 and offers a safer alternative to Internet Explorer.

Opera is another Internet browser known to be fast and small and available for many operating systems. Opera is the preferred browser for a number of small devices like mobile phones and hand-held computers.

The Mozilla Application Suite has a powerful browser with great features like tabbed browsing and popup window blocking. It also comes packaged with an e-mail program, chat client, and web page editor!

Apple’s Safari has become very popular with Macintosh users that Microsoft has stopped developing IE for the Mac! Safari is elegant and fast, and is the default browser on the Mac. Starting with version 3, Safari is also available for Windows.

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