Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Create An Online Photo Album

Are you feeling guilty about not sending your photos to family and friends scattered worldwide? Just relax! Keep everyone up to date on the events happening in your life! Is it possible? Yes. Create an online photo album! They are surely one of the easiest ways to share photos.

What is an online photo album? There are photo storage websites which let you to upload, arrange, store, edit, share, print, and create personalized gifts with your digital photos . You upload your digital photos to these websites ,arrange it as in albums and send the link of this online album via email to share it with whomever you want! You can upload photos even from cell phones, web cams, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and scanners.

Are the photos sharing services free? Many are free with strings attached as well! Creating your online album maybe free, but then you will receive regular promotional e-mail from them. They also request you to order prints or other products .

There are many online photo album web site services available and basically,they all do have the same features . They-

• Let you to organize, arrange, edit, sort ,categorize and tag your photos.
• Require you to register and offer password protection to limit access to your album.
• Permit you to send a link of your photo album via email to be shared and you'll never overload anyone's inbox with attachments.
• Offer you unlimited photo storage. They even allow multiple personal albums.
• Take high resolution prints of your photos.
• Turn your favourite photos into memorable gifts like personalized coffee cups, ornaments, mugs and also print greeting cards and calendars.
• Allow you to make fancy titles, captions, comment and map the location where your shots were taken as well.
• Let you to make all or just some photos private or only viewable by friends and family.

However, you do have to choose a dependable service, as you would not want to lose your cherished memories in case the website shuts down! The most popular sites are as follows:

Windows Live Spaces- is a photo storage service from MSN.
Picasa (http://picasa.google.com)-is a service from Google.
Flickr (www.flickr.com) -is a facility of Yahoo
Kodak EasyShare (www.kodak.com)- is a feature from the photography company, Kodak. You have to make a yearly purchase to keep your account active.
Snapfish (www.snapfish.com)- is an attribute of HP and you can also mail in film for processing and they will automatically put your photos online.
.Mac (www.apple.com/dotmac/): is for Apple Macintosh computer and the iPhoto and .Mac. are so easy to share photos .
Shutterfly(www.shutterfly.com) lets you share photos online.
SmugMug (www.smugmug.com) This is a popular photo hosting site despite being a pay site. The site features no spam or ads.

Share a Family Photo Site
A really great idea is to have one online photo album for the whole family to share. The concept of the family photo site is that the family can upload photos from various computers, various places and countries and view each other's images on line. Prints and other goodies can be ordered from any of the collections.

In conclusion, Online Photo Album is a terrific way to share the events happening in your life. It is somewhat like keeping a journal, and will be a cherished souvenir for future years as well.

If you still don’t have one, go about creating one straight away and keep in touch with your family and friends!

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