Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How To Recover Deleted Bookmarks From Mozilla Firefox?

This morning when I started my Firefox browser, my heart nearly stopped! Why? I saw that all my bookmarks had disappeared. I have no idea how this happened! I desperately needed them back! I have got to have them back somehow! I did a few searches which coughed up a few techniques but the following two methods were easy and it WORKED! I now have my book marks back!

Method 1

Go to START menu, and go to RUN. Type in "%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles" (without quotations) and hit RUN.

Open the file which says "xxxxx.default" or something. Then go to the folder that says "bookmark backups".

You will see a bunch of Firefox Documents (this is the type of file they are). Open the most recent one - they will be named by date, and check whether the webpage that pops up has all the Bookmarks that you used to have. If you have all your old bookmarks listed in the page that you just opened, then :

  • Close mozilla,
  • Go back to the "bookmark backups" folder
  • COPY the file that you just opened.
  • Go back to the xxxx.default folder that contains the bookmark backups folder. Find another file with the same format (Firefox Document) named "bookmarks" or "bookmarks.html".
  • DELETE this file.

  • Now paste the DATED file into this folder and rename it as "bookmarks" or "bookmarks.html" depending on the name of the file you deleted.

Don't worry, Mozilla will automatically create another file called "bookmark".

Method 2

Go to the Firefox Profiles folder - in XP you'll find it under :-

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.CLONEPC\Application Data\Mozilla and find the bookmark backups folder. It usually holds five days' worth of backups. Change yesterday's file to bookmarks. html and replace the one in the Profiles folder. That’s it ! Done!

Firefox automatically stores 5 days worth of backups of the bookmarks, but if the bookmarks were deleted too long ago then they are probably gone for good. See Lost Bookmarks for more details or follow this link :

Anyway, am I happy to have my bookmarks back!

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