Saturday, December 20, 2008

How To Extract Audio From Video

Have you ever wished that a song or the musical background from a movie was so amazing that you could just listen to only the audio in your music player! Well, Of course, it is possible and it is so very easy too! You can extract just the audio from a movie or video clip and create your own MP3 to be played back in your Mp3 player! You can even extract the audio from YouTube movie clips too !

All that you need to create your own MP3 files from video clips are :
  • Audio Extraction Software
  • Video Files
Yes,Thats all! :)
There are many free Audio Extraction Softwares available in the Internet , whereas for this tutorial we are using a simple easy to use audio extractor called AoA Audio Extractor. You can download the free software from here. This software converts AVI, MPEG, MPG, DAT, FLV (Flash Video), WMV/ASF, MOV, MP4, 3GP formats to MP3, WAV, AC3.
  1. Open AoA Audio Extractor.
  2. Click on the Add Files button.
3. The Open dialogue box will appear.
4. Choose the video file and click the Open button.

(If you want to add multiple files then you can use Windows keyboard shortcuts - CTRL+A , Shift+cursor up/down, etc.)

5. The video file will appear in the Audio Extractor.
6. Double-click the video file .
7. In the Output options section, choose an audio format that you want to convert to.

(Keep to the default MP3 format if you're not sure, as this is widely supported on most hardware devices capable of playing digital music.)

8. Set the Audio Sample Rate to 44100 . Files set in 44100 are more compatible with hardware and CD authoring software than with anything higher than 44100.
9.Choose an Output Path to save the audio files to by clicking on the Browse button.

10. Click Start to begin the extraction process.

Yes,that's it! You're done ! You can now play your MP3 in your MP3 device! Enjoy your music!

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