Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Create An iMix in iTunes

IMix is a playlist that you can create in iTunes with songs from your iTunes library and publish it to the iTunes stores.

All that you need is:
• Computer
• A recent version of iTunes(version 6.0 or higher)
• An iTunes playlist, you want to publish.

To create an IMix
1. Open iTunes
2. Create a playlist. Add songs from your personal iTunes library ,CDs or iTunes store. Songs from the iTunes Store need not be purchased for your iMix. Simply search for songs by title, artist or keyword, click on the song and drag it to your playlist.
(If songs in your library are not available in the iTunes store, they will not be added to the iMix.)
3. Add songs. Simply click on the song in your library on the right and drag it to the playlist on the left.

4. From file menu click "Create an iMix"

5. Sign into iTunes Store
6. Name your iMix and include a description
7. Click "Publish"

Congratulations—you just made your first iTunes iMix !

After you publish your iMix, iTunes will send you a link to your list and offer several options for displaying your links on your website or blog. Share the list with friends by sending them a link !

To transfer or rip your songs from CDs to ITunes follow this tutorial!

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