Saturday, January 3, 2009

Google Plays Cupid

Google now plays Cupid! How cool is that? Google Romance is a Google dating service, where you can post your romantic information and expectations and search for the love of your life using Google’s Soulmate Search. The search results will show up your soul mate! Then Google will send you both on a Contextual Date, that is, let you experience a free date and send you relevant ads that Google and its advertising partners think will help create the dating results you're looking for.Amazing is'nt it?
Go to Google Romance ( -this Google window will show up!

Type in your search keywords and click Search Romance.There,there..your results show up!Now for your free date! Sounds too good to be true? is too good to be true!! :)
Google romance was Google's 2006 prank and parodies Google Adsense!!
I'm sure you are very disappointed but then, it was too wonderful and fantastic to be true!! :)


TITECH said...

WOW-- great post! I never thought that Google played April foolsday pranks like this =)

Thanks for sharing this with us!

mike allen said...

That's cool. I should try it and maybe meet my soul mate! I didn't know that, thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Google have the power to buy or eharmony. Why start from scratch when you can just acquire potential earners(like they did in youtube). But I guess their offer was rejected, so they create Google Romance.

Google is becoming a microsoft of today,the company that no one wants to see build a competing product. Google dominates many of the markets it enters, whether by building a superior product or acquiring one.

Google Knols compete on wikipedia, and we all know how google favor wikipedia in their ranking(almost all keyword you type). But this might change soon (like how they favor their own blogger site)

The Next Microsoft :)

LAILA said...

Thanks Mike..I hope you wont mind sharing the good news,when you meet your soul mate!:)

Hi Bart..Yes Google is becoming EVERYTHING!Please do read the last couple of lines of Google Romance!:)