Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hiding Text in MS Word

Lets say that you have loads of text on a Word document and that you want to print just a portion of that word document or maybe print two different versions of the document. Well its simple and can be done! Oh no, you do not have to have two documents! One document will do ..all that you need to do is just hide the portion that you do not want to print or would not want others to see it! You can always view your hidden text!

To Hide the Text:

1. Highlight the portion you wish to hide

2. Right-click and select Font

3. In the Effects section, select Hidden
4. Click OK
Your text has been hidden!

Now, if you want to view your hidden text...

All that you have to do is to:

1. Click Tools

2. Select Options

3. Open the View tab

4. Under Formatting marks, select or deselect Hidden

5. Click OK

That’s it! You can hide or display and view your text! :)


TITECH said...

I have been using this feature in Word for quite a while (as well as in WordPerfect). This is an awesome feature and I'm really happy to see it posted here!

I love your reason for why someone would like to hide text... believe it or not, I never thought of that until now!

Great Post!

LAILA said...

Thanks Titus..thank you so very much for appreciating!:)