Thursday, April 23, 2009

Make Free IPhone Ringtones In ITunes

Do you love different ringtones for your IPhone?But then,do you also think that it’s a waste of money to buy ringtones from Itunes for your IPhone? Well,to spend 99 cents on an iphone ringtone, however, may be something you would rather not do.So then, why purchase when you can make your own ringtones using Itunes?Yes, and it’s easy too!The songs you use to make iPhone ringtones need to be DRM free.

To make your free ringtones in iTunes:
  • Open iTunes
  • Right click on a song in your itunes library and select ‘Get Info’.
  • Click on the Options tab

Check the boxes ‘Start Time’ and ‘Stop Time’(make sure to keep it under 30 seconds.)

Click on ‘OK’

  • Return to your Itunes library
  • Right click on the song again and choose create AAC version
  • Done!the song has been clipped and saved as ACC version.
  • Drag and drop the AAC version of the song onto your desktop, and delete the AAC version from your iTunes library. You do not need to keep the file.
  • The file extension on your desktop will read something like this: songname.m4a. Rename the file to : songname.m4r
  • Drag the file on your desktop back to your iTunes and the song will be saved under your ring tones library.
  • Remember to uncheck the start and stop in the Option tab so that your original song will be played to the full.

Next time you sync your iPhone ,the ringtone will appear under your ringtone options in your phone and you can transfer your new free ringtone.

That's it!You can make as many ringtones as you wish and save it in your itunes library.

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