Thursday, June 18, 2009

IPhone Vs Nokia 97

IPhone Vs Nokia 97

Both Iphone and Nokia 97 smartphones and are believed to be competitors in the market. Let’s compare the features of the Iphone and the Nokia 97.

Nokia97 :

Operating System --Symbian S60 5th edition
Locked? -- No
SMS forwarding -- Yes
MMS -- Yes
Colors -- White and Dark Gray
Input -- Slide-out Keyboard
File transfer -- Yes
Camera -- 5MP with flash
Video Recording -- Yes, DVD quality
WiFi and GPS -- Yes, with electronic compass
Removable Battery?-Yes
Memory -32GB with microSD
Price --$600


Operating System --iPhone OS
Locked? -- Yes
SMS forwarding -- No
MMS -- no
Colors -- black and white
Input --On-screen Keyboard
File transfer -- No
Camera -- 2MP without flash
Video Recording --No
WiFi and GPS -- Yes
Removable Battery?-No
Memory -8GB or 16GB only
Price --$700 (locked)

It’s up to you to decide! Happy deciding!
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TITECH said...

Hi Laila!

Nice comparison...

However, I think that the operating system is a BIG factor when it comes to deciding on which smartphone to buy.

But you have listed some interesting things about the Nokia that I really didn't know about (DVD quality recording? wee!)....

LAILA said...

Thanks Titus..I'm a big fan of Nokia!)