Tuesday, October 13, 2009

iTunes 9’s Home Sharing Feature

ITunes 9 offers a new feature called Home Sharing. Home Sharing allows you to share the songs and movies that you buy, with up to five authorized computers in your house. But then, all the five machines must be on the same home network and tied to the same iTunes account. This keeps you and your family from sharing music but it doesn't support sharing between home and office computers. Still, this is way better than what we had!

You can drag songs from one library to another and new purchases can also be automatically copied across multiple machines. This solves the problem of needing to make all your iTunes buys on a single piece of hardware. Now you will also be able to store your collections on the larger hard drive and copy, to and from your laptop or wherever, as you wish!

 Moreover, itunes9 also makes it possible for you to arrange your iPhone's home application menu screens with applications you use most often.

Thus, in terms of convenience, Home Sharing is a great boon for current iTunes users! Enjoy iTunes9!

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