Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Link from one post to another post in the same blog

Would you want to link a certain post to another post in the same blog? Actually it’s really simple as a pie! The first thing you need to do is to enable individual post page (permalink).

To do enable post page :
Go to Dashboard
In the drop down menu for Enable post pages? - set to Yes
Click Save setting.

Now each  your blog post will have an individual post and a unique URL. Good!

Now, to link the post you want , you need to get the URL of that individual post page.
To get the URL of the individual post :
Go to Dashbord> Edit Post .
Click Edit Post and a list of all your posts will be displayed.
Right-click on VIEW on the particular post you want to link to.
Select Copy link location (this is for FireFox. Wording may be different for other browsers)

Open Notepad and paste the URL  there.
Next,highlight the text in your post in the post editor, that  you want to be displayed as the link and click on the Link icon.
An Edit Link  dialog box will pop up.

Type in the url of your post saved in the notepad.
Click OK. Your post has been linked to another post in the same blog! :)
That’s it!

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