Friday, September 26, 2008

What is Downloading and Uploading?

What is Downloading and Uploading?

When you receive a file to your computer, you download the file or bring it down to your computer and when you send a file from your computer, you upload the file or send it up.


Every single thing that is done on the web like accessing a web page and browsing is some sort of downloading as you are actually downloading the text document and all the connected graphics from a web server.

Downloading Files

Downloading files mean that files are saved locally on your computer's hard disk. When you download, you copy a file from another computer to your computer. When you download a program from the Internet, it is delivered to your computer. The program you download is a bundle of files. Each file makes up the entire program you download. A program can be anything - software, an electronic book, or a game. There are many useful free or inexpensive programs found on the Web.

How do you download a file?

The process of downloading files is fairly easy. First you connect to the Internet and start your Internet browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox etc. Then locate the file that you want to download.

· If you are using Internet Explorer, click with the RIGHT mouse button on the hyperlink and choose “Save Target As”.

· If you are using Netscape, click with the RIGHT mouse on the hyperlink and choose “Save Link As”.

The browser normally prompts you for a folder to which to save files, and it provides a default filename. You can change the folder and filename if you wish. Make a note of the location and name. Once the file is downloaded to your hard drive it can be viewed by double clicking in Windows Explorer.

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