Sunday, November 16, 2008

How To Put YouTube Videos Into IPod

Watching videos in the internet is really amazing, isn’t it? They are free as well! There are hundreds of websites that offer video on every imaginable subject. Did you come across a comic clip that had you falling over laughing? Did a poignant life story touch you? Want to replay your favourite portion of a movie or song clip? Maybe watch an alternative view of the world? How about downloading those videos and cherishing it at your leisure? Better still, would you love to put it into your iPod to be carried around? Yes, very much so! It is possible! It is easy!

Remember that Youtube videos are in FLV formats and if you download it to your computer in FLV format, you need a FLV player to view the video. Whereas if you want to put the YouTube videos into your iPod you need to convert it to MP4 format which iPod supports.

There are many websites that allow you to download YouTube videos into your computer. Actually it is very simple !

1. First, go to

2. Search for videos that you want.

3. Copy the You Tube URL of the video you want to download.

Next,all you have to do is to enter the YouTube URL of the video you want to download in one of the following websites and hit the ‘Get video’ or 'Download' button. Great! Your video has been downloaded in FLV format to your computer!

These are some of the sites from which you can download YouTube videos. youtube-movie/

http://www.downloadfromyoutube .com/

There are software programmes which allow you to download as well as convert it online to the format you want .

You can download free FLV players to view your videos from here:-

Have fun! Enjoy!

Dont miss my favourite software for downloading and converting You Tube videos to iPod in the next post!

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