Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jazz Radio

All ye jazz lovers! Rejoice! There are glad tidings for you! You can listen to non stop jazz music all day long!

There is a free add-on called Jazz Radio for Firefox and Internet Explorer which is real boon to jazz music lovers. Jazz Radio is a toolbar that lets you tune in to over a 100 jazz music radio stations from all across the world! There are just a few radio controls like volume control and switches between the radio stations.

The tool bar looks like this:

You can download Jazz Radio from here:

Jazz Radio for Firefox 1.5.46

Jazz Radio 4.5.18(for Internet Explorer)

The search functions are embedded in Google and there are also quick links to jazz music articles, news, forums , reviews and jazz fans communities. The tool bar keeps you updated with jazz festivals, jazz music, jazz clubs, new jazz artists, and jazz downloads The Jazz Radio also has pop-up blocking, weather forecasting and email notifier on the bar. Apart from all this you can watch jazz video clips from the RSS links as well .This is a real bonus to jazz enthusiasts .

Well, listen to non stop jazz music and enjoy! Happy listening!

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