Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Church Of Google

Hey everyone! Do you go to church regularly? Yes? Then, just skip this page..just kidding! Well, I came across this Google Church .Can you believe it? A Google church! I thought that I would like to share this with you so that more people will become regular Google church goers! :)

Go to The Church of Google ( )

It has The 10 Commandments of Google.
The Prayers of Google .
Check out their About us column about Proof, FAQ and Holiday.
You can even do a Search and get results back from google.
Lets say you want to search for New Year 2009,
Type in New Year 2009 in the search box,
Click Pray
You will be taken to this new window,
Dont Give Up!
Click at the hyperlink 'Click'here,
Viola! Your search results appear! :)
Hmmm..quite fun!
Want regular Church of Google newsletter?Well, then subscribe to the newsletter!
Even if you visit The Church of Google, please do attend the Watch night Service of your place of worship to ring in the New Year! Pray for World Peace! :)
Have a Blessed New Year and do keep returning to my blog through out the Year 2009 ! :)

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TITECH said...

Hi! Did you see my post about The Church of Google a week ago?

LAILA said...

Sorry,Titus.I missed yours.I just had a look.My post has come out just after yours.I was preoccupied this festive season,hence missed it out.Sorry.